February 1, 2010

the one where i mention boogers. twice.

Well, we survived the snow! So that's good. I was getting a little worried on Friday because they were calling for over a foot. I was taking a shower & stopped myself from shaving because I thought that if we did lose power & heat, I could keep myself (and my family) warm with all my hairy insulation. True story.

We almost didn't survive each other though. We got a little stir crazy & at one point yesterday we started rough housing or "horse playing" (that term makes no sense at all) with each other & it escalated pretty quickly (because we're really 7 years old). We both have bruises. It ended with a stand off with him threatening to wipe a booger on me & I was defending myself with a thumbtack. Later, when he was in the shower, I dumped cold water & lotion on him. He loved it. 

The sun finally came out in full force & started melting the ice on the road so we went for a leisurely walk to the bakery. 

he reminds me of a bear. grrr.

I love those hands. (and that cookie. that cookie was friggin delish).

just ask Ruby. She'll tell ya. We haven't given her a lot of sweets, so she was going to town on it.

& then she took a break to dig for gold. I guess she has been watching Zack too much. I never do this. That's gross.

This is quite possibly the coolest hat ever. We found it in Zack's uncle's basement. What you can't see is the white puff ball on top. It's supah fly.

It was nice just being with my cute family & laughing at each other & kissing Ruby way too much & eating the crap out of the huge pot of chicken n dumplins I made. 

Hope you guys had a great weekend!


MJG said...

My niece just died laughing at the picture of Ruby picking her nose. They should be friends.

Anonymous said...

love the hat, love the snow, love my sweet niece holding up her finger daintily to bite her cookie and then picking her nose.


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