February 23, 2010

gather 'round the screen. you're going to want to share.

Lord have mercy, you need to see how awesome these Mexicans can cut a dang rug. 

Make sure you don't miss the dude's gigantic, metal tipped belt. Not that you could really miss it. 

he's like Elaine Benes' & Katt William's love child!

& see:
it's pure goodness. (thanks Mike Hall)!
p.s. This makes me so excited about taking Ruby to the drum circle this spring. I have some new moves to try out.


Taneesha said...

I only WISH I could dance like that Mexican. Is he single?

robin said...

We can only hope, Taneesha. We can only hope. That right there is grade-A top choice meat.

Hannah said...

i like when you quote the wedding singer

Rebecca said...

That was amazing!!! Your blog makes me laugh every day - thank you!

lesliesloan said...

ever notice that some people dance EXACTLY like they did when they were three?

Shara said...

also part "single ladies" :)


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