February 5, 2010

bunny lovin'. (sorry, not a video of bunnies humping).

Dear people who read my crap blog, this is for you.

You are mahhhvelous. 



Anonymous said...

why are you not here?!?!? i miss you and you're stuck in a-ville because of horrible weather. that is simply unacceptable. we should be camped out on the spare bed drinking wine and watching project runway on line. oh well, I will drink wine, watch pr and think of you all cold and covered in snow and wishing for some kate lovin'
:) kiss rubes for me and tell me when we can go see nonny

Angie [A Whole Lot of Nothing] said...

Since it's my first time here, I am rejecting the bunneh picture. I'll earn it by coming back at least once more.


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