January 27, 2010


Guess what I did? I went to a wine tasting! A real live one at The Wine Studio of Asheville. (see logo below). Now, I know what you're thinking. You probably assume that I am well versed in wine-speak or that I can decipher between a Pinot or perhaps a Malbec because I have displayed such high-class behavior on this here blog.

Not so much.

'Member that time I chipped my front tooth on a bottle of Boone's Farm? In my defense, the choice of beverage was meant to go with my Halloween costume. I was a sorostitute, complete with pink button down polo shirt & big ass pearls. My friend Nick (who by the way was brilliantly dressed as Santa Claus) turned around & accidentally knocked the end of the bottle with his arm right as I was taking a swig. I was really committed to accurately playing the part.

So when Sara Kate invited me to join with her & a whole table full of super fun ladies to a wine tasting-called Girls on Grapes- I was excited to actually sit down & TASTE wine. Not just eagerly consume it for it's wonderful effects. What a novel idea!

This place is lovingly owned & operated by the wonderful Jessica Gualano, who is obviously hella passionate about fermented grapes. I mean, this was a class. She really knows her shit. From the region of the Italian winemakers that she knows personally to the altitude of the vine to the thickness of the skins. She probably could even tell you what time of day the friggin bottle was corked. She's serious, people. (and she's funny! always a plus).

This is me & my Sangiovese, post swirl, pre-nosed. I've got my "I'm gettin' edumacated" face on.

This is Kelly. In between sips we were quoting lines from the literal version video of Total Eclipse of the Heart & giggling like idiots. This is the part where it had gone to our heads & Jessica probably wanted to separate us.

I was supposed to be paying attention & filling out my (thorough & aesthetically pleasing) tasting page but I doodled instead. Typical.

Sara Kate was really enjoying herself. We had to cut her off. Just kidding.

The special bonus of the night: running into the one & only Welles Bricker (who moved to Asheville months ago & we had yet to see each other)!

At the end of the session, I did leave there with a better appreciation for Sangiovese, a desire to explore the wide world of wine, a propensity for something other than my customary Pinot Grigio (& a medium-ish buzz). Overall, a success!

So, go there! Buy their wine! (they have something for you at all price points). Ask questions! Be their fan on facebook! Follow them on twitter! Support local businesses! Spread the love!

Oh, I also wanted to mention, they do have cheese & bread fresh from City Bakery!

*disclaimer: I received no compensation whatsoever for this pseudo "review" of The Wine Studio of Asheville. Nor did they ask for me to. Actually, they're probably considering paying me to take it down.


Natalie said...

Jealous! Next time invite me, or better yet be my partner to taste wines at Maggie B's every weekend!

ske said...

maybe if you had actually let me pose for my picture, i wouldn't have seemed to wasted!

robin said...

Let's do it, Knauer!

robin said...

sk- you know I like my candid shots. You are so joyful & beautiful! I love it.

Anonymous said...

I had my own wine tasting here at home tonight... well, mostly I just drank a bottle of Pinot Grigio... does that count???

And by the way...they should compensate you because you are AWESOME!!!!!!!

can you tell I've had a bottle of wine? Kyle might have to find a tarp...

MJG said...

I remember that Halloween. I was dressed as a slutty cowgirl and I found your date (whose name I will withhold from the internet) passed out next to a tree in the front yard a few houses down as I was walking back to my car.
But that was all a part of the costume, right?

Jess Gualano said...

wow, Robin! this is GREAT! thanks so much! for me, Girls on Grapes epitomizes exactly what wine is all about...getting together with friends for a good experience! hope to see you all next month where the theme is....Pinot Envy!!


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