January 2, 2010

the one where my husband dances & shows my mother his lily white ass.

If you wanted to know what it's like living with Zack Plemmons, watch this video.

(WARNING! If you do decide to watch this video, you WILL see Zack's small, hairless buttox...wait for it).

sidenote: that is my mother on the left (yes, I know we look alike) & my sister on the right.

enjoy (or gag) it's your choice.

And yes, Zack gave me permission to post this. He is sacrificing his dignity for the betterment of all mankind. You're welcome.


Revolu said...

I watched that for some reason knowing I was going to see Mr. Plemmons hairy ass. I'm not sure why.

And I'm not sure what's funnier. Watching Zack do this ridiculous dance to who knows what kind of song in his head or Robin laughing?

Glorious either way.

Natalie said...

First of all I can't believe I actually watched that! Second of all, I was dying laughing the whole time. Your laugh is so contagious. So hilarious! I have never met 2 people more meant for each other than you two!

The Michelins said...

Ok, I've never met Zack, but he is perfect for you! I laughed my head off the entire time! Your laugh makes me smile, Robin! Miss you.

Revolu said...

man i had to watch that again.

StacieinAtlanta said...

I am not sure what is funnier, how uncomfortable your mother is or how much you are laughing. You laughing made me laugh the entire time.


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