January 6, 2010

my little girl

Holy crap, y'all. Ruby is growing up way way too fast. So not cool. But as she grows, so does my heart. You think you can't love a person any more & then they go & do something so completely adorable & you feel like your heart will burst.

Like when her sweet "dah-yee" comes home from work & she runs to him with open arms & gives him open mouthed kisses (we're still working on that).

or when she's all cuddly cozy sleepy in her footie pajamas with her blanket & teddy bear.
or when she's pitter pattering through the house, dragging her beloved possessions around & jibber jabbering to everything. (this picture is befittingly blurry because she is always on the move).
Can you see my heart swelling out of my chest?!


1 comment:

Beth and Chris Maslin said...


My heart is swelling out of my chest looking at these pictures. Isn't it insane how fast these girls are growing? We need a pause button. More importantly, we need to get the two presh heads together and let the wild rumpus start.


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