January 11, 2010



I needed new business cards & after seeing these adorable mini cards that a couple mommies
had at the TypeAMom conference had (thank you again, fantastic readers!)- i wanted some of my own! I turned to the source, British based company Moo! (Pretty sure anything that comes out of the U.K. is gare-un-teeed to be super cool, right)?

they let you choose which designs you'd like & then you can personalize the other side with all your pertinent info. OR you can even upload your own pictures, as many as you like! My ol' pal, Adam Collins, photographer extraordinaire has some with his photos on them & leaves them in places for people to find. Very clever, Adam.

Most of them that I chose are from Marc Johns who creates simple, amusing drawings. Totally inspiring for me. My wheels are churning....

anyways, i chose these! Can't wait to get them in their adorable moo packaging!


Rebecca Martin said...

Love them.

robin said...

thanks for commenting Rebecca Ritter Martin! xo


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