January 19, 2010

I'm surprised he doesn't hate me.

Ok, so one time long ago my little brother was innocently Instant Messaging a girl named Marissa online & he got up briefly to prolly get a star crunch or something & I saw this as a prime opportunity to mess with him. It's what I do. I'm his big sister. I'm really good at it.

So I begin to type. . .

"Sometimes I like to stick my fingers in my butt & smell them."

I didn't press enter. I was just going to wait for him to see it & laugh but he freaked out & started like, hitting me! So of course I was all like, "Oh hell no. I'm gonna freaking send it now, homey." So we're wrestling & hitting & yelling curse words at each other. And he starts to try & delete it! I grab his hands to stop him. I try to press send. He grabs MY hands to stop me! He pinned my arms behind my back thinking he's safe but NO! I lean my head forward & valiantly press enter with my tongue. SCORE!!!

Did I mention that I fed him one of my boogers when he was an infant? I just wanted to see if he would eat it. And he did. Hey, I was 8. What do you expect?

Like I said, I'm surprised he doesn't hate me.


BCSM said...

Right as we were leaving for Preschool this morning I walk in the living room and Farrah is walking around with her little "pants on the ground". Marley had pulled them around her ankles to be funny.
You really give me no hope with this blog entry.
A laugh.
But no hope.
Thank you Robin.

Anonymous said...

He does hate you.

StacieinAtlanta said...

So why the heck was he sexting from your house!

robin said...

Stacie! You commented! Yay! Well, this was YEARS ago when he was in middle school & we still lived at home. So no sexting... ;)

Anonymous said...

such memories... every time I think about stuff like that I remember that picture of Ben standing beside your bedroom door (next to the upside down "stop abortion now" sign) pouting


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