January 29, 2010

i finally did it.

dudes! looK ! I made my own font! Now if I can figure out how to share it, I will. 

I'm so excited. It didn't turn out exactly like I wanted it but it was my 1st time. And like any 1st time, it isn't always the best. ;) 

Know what I'm NOT excited about? The possibility of losing our power 'cause it's snowing again. They're calling for a shit ton (yes, that is a technical term)- so if you don't hear from me, you can safely assume that we're cold & starving. Just kidding, we'll be fine. We have blankets & beer &wine & Doritos. So we're pretty much set.


1 comment:

ske said...

erica and my friend woody were just talking about some old school program that let you make you own fonts from your hand writing. can't wait to see it!


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