January 25, 2010

happy customer alert!

My mini moos arrived! Just look at this packaging. Fan-freaking-tastic.
I love that they are talking to you. Most brands are generic & lack personality. Not here!

this is the card case that is also a key ring. Easy to access & well designed. You can open it & deliver your card with one hand. (Really helpful when you have a child on your hip).

Here they are!
Well, here is one of them. My favorite I think. It's hard to choose. The "H is for Holy Crap" one is a big hit too.

I gave several out this week to new contacts & they all commented on how great they were or how they had "staying power."

I'm sold on moo!


MJG said...

You may be sold on Moo, but I'm sold on YOU.
Hey do you watch Project Runway? One of the girls from last season is from Charleston and is friends with some of my friends down there. I've never met her but I read her blog. There was a post the other week that I thought of when I read about your moo cards:
It's about cute packaging of something she bought on Etsy.
Love you!

Anonymous said...

I like those so much that I'm trying to think of a reason I need to get some. kel

sarah said...

those are amazing! i might have to copy you. i wish you were over here snowed in with us! i'm having quite the time falling alseep... lame! love you xoo!


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