January 17, 2010

Get yer Golden Globes on.

it's January! You know what that means? It's time for awards show season! Hip, Hip, Hot Mess!

I'm having a small impromptu party here at our cozy casa tonight & I am really hoping that celebrities do a lot of drugs & make poor choices, like decide to wear outfits like the one Spooner is wearing below. I mean, we're mere inches away from seeing all of her "special" parts, people. Yes, I find that entertaining. Leave your Hatorade at the door.
(for the record- I don't encourage buying drugs. that's bad. become a celebrity & you get them for free!) just kidding just kidding.
Here's me & my BFFs, you know just hanging out, talking about Botox & Pilates at last year's Vanity Fair post-show party. No biggie. This happens all the time. I think I look really beautiful. Don't you?

Here's a clip of horsey mouth Gary Busey practically assaulting the precious Jennifer Garner on the red carpet. I'm crossing my fingers that tonight creates more of this kind of amazingly awkward exchanges.

By the way, I hear that he has A BABY ON THE WAY. Which means someone actually had sex with him. I am so scared.

Come on out, if you're so inclined! Girls only. If you have a thingy, don't even think about it. Unless you want to show it off, then it's a maybe.

By the way, I just decided (like a couple seconds ago) that my motto for 2010 is Balls to the Wall. I'm not holding back. I'm going for it. Hence all the inappropriateness. I don't know if you can handle it. But prepare yourself.


MJG said...

It's safe to say that I ADORE YOU Robin. For reals.

Miriam said...

Robin Elizabutt Sterrett PLemmons,
you are ridiculous and l love you. I laughed (almost peed my pants twice) and pretty much made everyone in the room read your blog so they could see how funny my friend is (well those over 18 I let read it...can't influence the high schoolers you know).
Love you

robin said...

friends- you realize that you're only encouraging me when you say these things. xoxo

Anonymous said...

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