December 17, 2009

Merry Christmas to me.

Look what I found on etsy! Isn't it so pretty? And it's perfect cause it has a bird & a ruby red stone. AND it's a locket. AAAAND it was only $24! I freaking love it.

Zack is a terrible gift giver (bless his heart)- he knows this so I pretty much have to tell him exactly what I want or else I'll end up with a large stuffed white gorilla holding a heart (true story). I tried to get rid of it when we moved but he wouldn't let me (precious).

Things have slowed down a little around here. But not by much. I stopped taking custom orders for Christmas but I still have another job being Leslie's DrinkClip wingman. Which I am actually enjoying.

I'm brainstorming about what I can create for the next holiday! Jane gave me a fantastic idea for Valentine's Day! Get excited about that! I've learned a lot about myself & about this small business I'm running out of my living room while Ruby is under foot. I really need to focus on my brand, my logo, & actually having my own website if I want this thing to go forward.

Thank you to all of you who ordered from Lemons With A Pea this year! I really really appreciate your business & hope you love your ornaments! I keep picturing all of them hanging on trees all over the world. Ok, so maybe not ALL over the world but I did send some out to Canada, Singapore & Paris! Speaking of, did you see that I was featured on a Parisian blog? Go here to see: Her site is adorable. So honored to be a small part of it.

Also, a big thank you to those who helped me in the sidelines! Especially Zack, Jane, Caroline, Dad & Ellen. Thanks for taping up boxes & handling all that tissue & for watching my baby so I could get it all done!


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Kerri Roberts said...

does this mean I don't get what I ordered???



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