December 27, 2009

eight teen

Like many fresh "adults" at the ripe age of 18- my husband got a tattoo. He wanted a bass clef because, he's like, a bass player. What he received resembled a shitty sideways frowning face with a maze pattern in the middle. Not so cute. He's hated it for awhile & has ignored it for years. That is until Derek Raulerson got his hands on it & fixed the damn thing. It looks SO. MUCH. BETTER. You can know actually decipher what it is.

He should've just done like I did on my 18th birthday & buy a pack of cigarettes & Playgirl at Barnes & Noble (that we looked at with wide eyes & laughed until we cried). I can't tell you who I did this with- she reads this & would get all stabby if I mentioned her name.

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