December 2, 2009

drive by post

I have 5 seconds to create a blog post. Really it feels like that recently.

I am the little red caboose. Chant with me, y'all. I think I can...

*edit* (i meant Little Engine That Could of course. Duh. That's what I get for running on empty).

Janey pants Carter bought us tickets to Secret Agent 23 Skidoo at The Orange Peel & it was ahhhhsome! So much fun. Ruby was pretty petrified & clinging to me like a tree monkey but she got into it & by the end she was bopping her little baby head along to the beat with all the other cool kids.
wave your hands in the aaa-ir, if youse a true plaaayerr.

Also, I'm still in the midst of the personalized ornament season. It feels like everybody & their mom wants one- which is SO great but then I have to actually do it. They are all hand painted by me with multiple stages of drying times- then ribbon- then wrapping- then shipping- double checking orders- answering email inquiries- creating private listings- making sure I have enough tissue paper/boxes/ornaments/ribbon/paint/mailing labels.....

I feel crazy!
This is was a custom order for Robin Mehler. Sweet tweeters.
this one was a part of a group that I sent to Kelby Carr. It's her husband's twitter username (who also happens to have won the "Most Wanted to see naked" tweep in Asheville award- or something like that- so he's like, super important).

I love the way it turned out.

& here is a various assortment of orders. My little "babies" are all sent out into the world to hang on trees & bring smiles & Christmas cheer.

Ok, I'm about to pass the eff out. I have to babysit in the morning & I still have to pack stuff up for Ruby to take naps & everything at their house. A mother's work really really is never ever done.
But I am committed to this blog dammit & I am happy that I just squeezed out a post! Woo!

I will leave you with this quote that is often used but says a lot if you let it:

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." -Thoreau

are you doing that? God has big plans for you. Don't you forget it.

Gnite. xoxo


John and Nicole said...

hey! we have that Thoreau quote on our fridge!

Joanna Bolick said...

You do know the solution to the ornament thing...raise your prices just a bit to slow demand so that you're not so stressed! I think for the customization you do for each one they're totally worth more.


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