December 8, 2009

Christmas Joy with Zack Plemmons

I finally broke out the Christmas decorations last night. I typically like doing it the day after Thanksgiving but things have been so crazy around here I'm just now getting around to it.

I decided to go with a white tree this year & I am straight up loving it. The ornaments just stand out so much more against a white background.

Speaking of white, here's my caucasian husband being a poser.

The Sears/Olan Mills chin kickstand shot minus the argyle christmas sweater.
Here he is after I told him I don't want to watch the new season of The Bachelor because Jake is a pretty boy/goody two shoes.
here it is! it needs some garland & some candy canes & some felted ornaments (which are in the works!) to go on it.

I think the tree needs a name. A girl name. It seems like a girl to me. Plus, I turned it over & it has a hoo-ha. Any suggestions??
This is Zack's early christmas present. I got it at The Big Crafty on Sunday. (Thanks Dad & Ellen for watching Ruby so I could go!) Isn't it ahhhhsome? I had it custom made to look like Zack. You can have one too if you go to !
How can you not love this face?

I'm super excited about Christmas this year.

I'm celebrating life & the Giver of all good things.


Revolu said...

excellent. + dig those curtains.

Angela said...

i did the white tree last year and loved it too!
i used a ton of my g-mom's vintage ornaments, made a construction paper chain and the big c9 ceramic looked great!

most of my friends laughed at me- so it's nice to see someone else who can appreciate a beautiful white tree :)

and i'm so getting my hubs a beardie ornament- too cute!

MJG said...

Your tree is named Priscilla. End of discussion.


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