November 12, 2009

Yes, I'm using the word Banana Hammock AGAIN.

This little girl is just the most adorable thing that has ever walked the Earth. (I can say that. I'm her mama).

She just makes me so frickin' happy. Especially when I put this tutu skirt on her that Miles Bucklad gave her for her birthday.

When I put it on her, she looks at it like, "what the hell is this thing"?

So.... I have to face the facts. If you haven't noticed by now, Ruby has a full fledged mullet. I mean it is serious. She has practically no hair on top & it's just getting longer & longer in the back. I even put the "party in the back" section in pig tails. (see above).
Also, today me & Rubes wore shiny shoes.
& I painted & painted & painted & painted.

This order is for a lady in NYC who wanted some made for a family that is coming to visit the city for the 1st time. I'm also putting their names on the back. I was hesitant to do them but I'm really loving the way they turned out. That's the typical process though.

I also got an order from a woman who is going to reveal to her parents that she is pregnant by giving them an ornament that says "Granparents" Love, Baby Pocahontas* Isn't that a great idea? So fun. Love being a part of something like that.

*Names have been changed due to privacy. Speaking of...whenever I go to the Brew n View to see a movie (which has been FOREVER. Gah. I used to go, like, all the freaking time. This makes me feel so old) - they always ask for a name to shout out when your order is ready. I usually use the name Pocahontas. It's hard to confuse it with anyone else's name. It's either that or Princess Consuela Banana Hammock or Crap Bag. BEST NAMES EVER.



Beth and Chris Maslin said...

you crack me up, crack head.

caroline said...

dat funnny!

Leigh Bucklad said...

yay! Ruby looks amazing well dressed in her tutu. Love you miss you wobin!


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