November 4, 2009

"Trick or Treat" or "How I used my baby to get candy"

We took Ruby trick or treating this year for the 1st time. Hand-me-downs determined her costume & it fit so she went as a stupidly cute turtle. I couldn't find the head to it so I improvised & used her fleece. I just stuck paper eyeballs on the hood. Go me!

we started at the Knauer's annual throwdown & then hijacked Bennett's wagon to mosey around the neighborhood. (Way to focus, stupid camera).
her 1st piece of candy! Hand over the goods, yo.
Child, I don't want no suckah. Gimme the snickers.
these are the most gorgeous trees. This picture does not do them justice. (great job, camera).
this house was so festive! Loved it.

that thing on my head? those are my rabbit ears. We were the tortoise & the hare. Zack was supposed to be the referee to complete the family ensemble but he had to leave that night to go play a show in Johnson City so he bailed on the costume. Instead, he went in his regular clothes & told people he was "an effing idiot."
She loved rummaging through all her goodies. Actually, she loves buckets & cups & putting things in them & then dumping them out. It's so exciting.
Please look at Matt & Natalie. So proud of Matt for fully committing to his look with a pirate shirt complete with keyhole neckline that shows off his hairy man chest. And as you can see, Natalie's a big fan too.
This guy right here? Oh, he's a banana hammock. Crazy awesome. (forgive me for not even knowing his name. Somebody help me out here).
We gave Rubes a Twizzler & she gnawed the ever living crap out of it. Notice the crazed-sugar-high eyes.

Yay Halloween!


Natalie said...

Thanks for the shout out, no party is ever complete without the Plemmons. The guy in the Banana Hammock is Micah. I will bring you your bowls soon!

Kyle said...

I totally read the first comment as I will bring your bowels soon. Wtf is that chick doing with your bowels anyway?


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