November 1, 2009

Ho Ho Home Show, y'all.

For all those who can make it...

Ellen Troyer (& her super cute jewelry) & I will be sharing a space here (at this marvelous house in Weaverville) in 2 weeks!

Come prepared with your Christmas list! Lots of great handmade stuff from local artisans.

Extra incentive: if you buy something Ellen & I will break into a song & dance of your choice. Or give you a cookie. OR I'll let you touch my infamous, hard-as-concrete butt (it's so not a cute booty, but it's amazingly impenetrable). Either way, an awesome deal.

here's the invite (click to enlarge):

And here's Ellen modeling her super cute jewelry! Isn't she purdy?
Mother of 3. Jane of all trades.
Hope to see your beautiful mugs there!


elizabeth said...

i was a little surprised to see that noone has made a comment about your butt being "impenetrable." hmmm...

robin said...

oh no. another case of me using the wrong word. can you believe I didn't catch that?

leslie ruth said...

So I'm thinking that I need to plan a little weekend jaunt to Asheville!

robin said...

Leslie. I'm thinking yes you freaking do.


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