November 11, 2009

hit refresh.

I got to walk around downtown Asheville on Saturday. In Autumn. By myself.

Ok, so it was only 10 minutes but still. I wasn't thinking about Ruby & if she had enough fruit to eat that day. I wasn't thinking about Zack & if he had a hangover or not. I wasn't thinking about the power bill or staying on top of orders or that phone call I need to make.

I was just breathing.
& letting the sun kiss my forehead.
& remembering a time when it was just me.
I needed that.


The Michelins said...

I'm so glad you had some time to yourself. Being a wife and a mother, we sometimes forget about ourselves because we are so busy taking care of everything and everyone else. Remember you need attention too. I love you!

Kerri Roberts said...

I actually just drooled on myself reading that! I'm jealous

Kelby said...

It's so funny how even a few minutes of alone time can make such a huge difference. I love being downtown by myself... happens too rarely.


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