November 20, 2009

Helloooo! I should probably update this, shouldn't I? I have been negligent. Really, I have just been busy as crap. I have had orders coming in steadily every day. It's been wonderful that I have some business but it's still a little overwhelming. ALSO, I have started working part time forBig Bridge Advertising/Marketing firm managing the social media for a product of theirs that they are promoting. (Get excited about seeing more of that)! Sooo, that's fun too! But all together, as you can imagine, it's pretty time consuming. I am grateful for the work though. And I can do almost all of it from home. Bonus!

My sister Kelly & her family came up last weekend to help me out while I conquered the 2 holiday shows I signed up for. Kelly is amazing. I wish I had her around all the time. For serious. The Roberson show was disappointing but the Weaverville show was really fun (with Ellen Troyer & Caroline McGlade around) & slightly profitable. Typically it's a good time when you end with pears, cheese & wine.

Here's Ruby & Kate who decided that it would be more fun to eat their Cheerios off the floor like chickens.

And here's Kate trying to smother, I mean hug Ruby.
I did some more custom NYC ones for the same customer. Here is the Chrysler Building, Times Square & the Boathouse in Central Park.
really loving this new vine/flowery design. looks really cute with a monogram in the middle.
this one was a big hit too.

& if you haven't noticed, it's Friday! I'm super super super super super excited because I get to go out on a date with the Hubs tonight. I literally can't remember the last time we went out. It has been months. Which means it has been way too damn long. There might some necking going on, y'all. Here's to hoping! There's nothing like getting frenched real good & hard, is there? Yes, I just said frenched. Don't act like you don't like it too.

speaking of Friday- here's one of my favorite clips from the iconic (according to my standards) film appropriately named, "Friday." Warning: it includes slight cursing.
(Chris Tucker will always remind me of Rob Orihuela).

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