October 22, 2009

words + purdy aesthetics = marvelous match

I love these!

so cute, colorful, playful & sentimental. I want one.
really liking these colors & the imperfect "font." And of course, what it says. I want one.
How much do i adore letterpress?!?! It gives boring stationary depth & texture & this vintage-y feel. I particularly like smartass letterpress. I want all of it.
Here's another creation via Jonathan Adler. He took the traditional formal framed silhouette, added fun color, a dog & some lighthearted captions. I want.
First off, that bird staring at the french fry is adorable. And it reminds me that my happiness is my own choice. I want I want I want.

Maybe one day I'll be able to afford to just buy art all the time. I'll type it into existence...

(i know i really should give credit where credit is due. I'm terrible about that. Almost everything you see above is from etsy except for the Adlers).

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