October 27, 2009

vloggin' fools!

Well, this is my 1st vlog. (video blog) It's pretty terrible cause:

a) photobooth has picked up the humming from the fan on my MacBook. So that's annoying. Just ignore that.
b) I was winging it & had no agenda except to get Ruby to say "Hi!" -which she does a couple times but very faintly.
c) it's just dumb.

soooooo yeah. enjoy?

(at least Ruby is cute)!


leslie ruth said...

Ok, seriously, the last thirty seconds of that were my favorite. Between Ruby's "Hiiiiii!" and Ursula...I don't know which was more delightful.

More vlogging!

Sparkle! said...

Well done for your first vlog. It would be NOTHING if it weren't for the incredibly cute & appropriately timed annoying uh-oh by Ruby. You better teach her some dances soon, since she's an important star in your show. Well I admit, you are entertaining, but together you're a dynamite combo!

It was very cute. How many millions of these purpose-less, though incredible cute vlogs are out there?!! E

elizabeth said...

did you do your hair especially for your first vlog, cuz it looks really cute?!?

The Michelins said...

Love your first vlog! Ruby is so cute. It's so fun to see you as a mom! Michelle

amber said...

loved your first vlog. my lil bro says that he wants to meet you because you are so hilarious. awww! your even cool with the younger crowd.

lil bro: not too much younger...like 17ish!


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