October 15, 2009


Hey there!

Need a little pick me up?!

Yeah, me too.

Watch this! It's an Earth, Wind & Fire song paired up with a blue puppet & a dancing grandma (& I kinda have a crush on the girl).

it's seriously fun.

go ahead & gather everyone around you & stand up cause you're gonna want to dance along...

I'm serious.

Do it.

Dance! You know you want to.


robin said...

if you liked this one- you'll love their Single Ladies cover.

caro said...

why does he look like ryan long to me??

elizabeth said...

i thought the same thing Caroline!

MJG said...

When a word is cooler than other language than it is in English, that's what I'm teaching Clara. This is definitely the case with pamplemousse! Except she pronounces it "pocketmouse."

robin said...

TOTALLY looks like Ryan Long.

& it TOTALLY bothers me that they spelled pamplemousse wrong.

M said...

OMG I loved this. It made me so happy.


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