October 19, 2009

I'm thinking ink.

I have always wanted a tattoo. I just haven't found anything that I have been, "YES! I want THAT on my body FOREVER." I used to tell people that I had a tattoo on my butt of a robin bird pulling a worm out of my hole. (I hope someone out there still thinks that I do).

It feels like such a commitment to me. I love lots of tattoos on other people but when I imagine myself with a bunch, it makes me feel claustrophobic in my own skin.

Then I saw this:
Isn't it beautiful? It's a white ink tattoo by Shannon Archuleta out of San Francisco.

I love how delicate & subtle & feminine it is. I wouldn't want it this big though. Maybe something small on my shoulder/collarbone area- about the size of the palm of my hand.

I think I would absolutely love it.
I'm going to give myself some time to think about it & decide on the exact design. Maybe even incorporating a Z & an R in there somewhere.

Whatcha think?


crazytalk05 said...

I think I found a way to do my next tattoo!!! white...whoda thunk that?

lesliesloan said...

In just the right light, with just the right amount to drink...this is exactly what my stretch marks look like.
Just saying...

Anonymous said...

it's really cool don't know that I would start with something BIG though ease your way in and I totally think that some R's and a Z could be cool! I'm LOling about the stretch mark comment, and wondering if I shouldn't get them all connected so it looks like I did it on purpose!

robin said...

ooo. maybe i should get it on my post baby belly- like a connect the dots kinda thing. Real cute.

Ell-B said...

I love the white tattoo. Great idea and very beautiful.

M said...

Oooh this is such a cool idea. When I first saw it I thought it was like raised skin and I was like, how did they do that?!? But knowing it's white ink makes it so much cooler. And really beautiful!


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