October 31, 2009

and it burns burns burns.

When Zack & I first started dating, we were so smitten with each other.
He says it was love at first sight.
I say he grew on me like kudzu- a warm, sweet blanket of all consuming vines.

When I think back on those first days, those first "uh oh. I'm in trouble with this guy" moments, those first butterflies in the stomach, I am reminded of how scared I was. So scared of what I thought might be happening within my timid heart but yet so entirely intoxicated with Zack Plemmons & his dimples & his quiet strength & the way he looked at me.

I'm happy to say that we are still very very much in love with one another. Even more so now with little Rubes in our life. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't talk about how happy or crazy grateful I am so I won't jinx myself. Like that's how it works or something...

My heart is so full.

I hope this is just the beginning.

(picture courtesy of Brian McGee & Celia Gray's moustache/silly prop photobooth at their wedding reception. Look how pissed Ruby is!)


BCSM said...

Ya know, I've seen pics of Zach. I've never seen him smiling. But you throw in some boob touching and there ya have it...a big smile. Men and boobs. Good heavens.

John and Nicole said...

that's a pretty amazing family portrait. I wonder if I could get one like that and give it away for Christmas?

sk said...

i love these words you wrote. i hope to meet my own kudzu man someday.


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