October 5, 2009

to thine own self be true.

Well, before I let time slip through my hands, I better attempt to document my first courageous adventure into the "Mommy Blogging" community. It's been a friggin week. What is wrong with me? Oh wait, I know, I'm a slacker. Plus, I'm filled with self doubt which prohibits most things I attempt to accomplish. I'm sensing a pattern: embark on something awesome. Then, fail to follow through with it because it's too daunting. Which results in unfulfilled dreams & mounds of regret. Why do I run when things get hard? (That's what she said). Recognition is the 1st step, right?

I could talk about walking into the Crowne Plaza all by my lonesome- nervous, sweaty & apprehensive or how I made my own name badge out of a Budweiser coaster from the bar.

I could talk about the numerous girl crushes I developed over the weekend. I'm not talking frenching crushes, just friendly admirations based on the number of times I laughed and/or coveted their sassy haircut, red heels or self assuredness.

I could talk about what I actually learned in regards to the "how-tos" of blogging like: how to vlog, find a SEO, use tweetdeck, GoogleAlert, or Whrrl. How to file your trademark online, purchase a URL or how to use "Housewife Porn" as a keyword to get extra traffic (cough*SugarJones*cough). GoogleAlert, THAT!

I could talk about how totally inadequate I felt amongst this group of (presumably) intelligent, highly educated, successful, blackberry/iphone using, articulate, confident, gorgeous women that came in all shapes, sizes, colors & backgrounds. Maybe behind closed doors, they're scratching their butts, using words like "grundle" (I wouldn't recommend using Google Image on that one), drinking wine out of the bottle, & in the next moment crying over all this love I have for my child! A girl can hope, right?

But really, the thing I received from this weekend that I want to talk about is this:

Be who you be.

Know who you are & embrace yourself.

Be who you are, seek out what you love & just friggin' go for it- no apologies, no explanations, just you being you.

There you will find freedom!

Ok, so maybe that wasn't said verbatim but it definitely was implied. I did hear a lot about having an authentic voice. That's what I get excited about. Letting my freak flag fly! Throwing caution to the wind! Scared? You should be! Who the hell knows what I'm going to say next! Lord help us all.

I LOVE it when people break out of their shell & say what they want to say & do what they want to do & are just transparent. I celebrate diversity. I respect those who have an opinion. I applaud passion!


For the record, I'm not a professional writer. I wouldn't even call myself a writer. I'm more of a rambler. I barely graduated high school so you can go ahead & stop counting my run ons & grammatical errors. I'm certainly not going to install copygator anytime soon. That's for damn sure.

I'm not exactly certain what my goal is with this blog. Do I want to blog for free cupcakes, my own personal therapy session with myself, small amounts of $$ or go buck wild & pursue tons of traffic & readers & ads & PR & all those crazy seemingly unattainable levels that really only happen to a lucky few.

Whatever it is, this is good for me & it will work itself out.

(Just as long as it doesn't feel like homework because Lord knows I will resist & rebel that til the ends of the earth).

So, for you, readers (the precious & few) I encourage you to do the same.

Follow your bliss. Don't postpone joy. Be who you be.

(you're welcome for inundating you with more clich├ęs).

And now I am going to go eat peanut butter cookies in bed, read the new InStyle with Drew on the cover, & cry myself to sleep because my sweet little baby will be 1 tomorrow.


Deb said...

Absolutely! Fly that flag, whatever it looks like!

I am all about wine from a bottle. Especially if I'm the one who has to wash the glass.

Amy said...

I just wanted to tell you that just by posting regularly, you are doing something great. Your blog has a nice continuity to it-I can tell you take your time when you write and that it is an accurate representation of yourself and your life. I read a lot of blogs. Mostly home blogs. Yours has a very important ingredient-you keep the balloon up in the air, so to speak. YOUR voice never realy disappears. Readers will feel like they know you.
And isn't that why we read or post? Because our modern lives are missing something that our POOR mothers had? I read about other womens' livin room arrangements and paint choices because I do not have time or opportunity to pop into my girlfriends house and remark on hers. It is a strange bit of connection at a very simple and timeless level. I don't always like it. But it is affecting.
Advice-post more pics. You take great photos!
Like I said, the fact that you post regularly is
to be commended. I AM a writer, but my time is not
my own right now. I'm proud of you! xoxo

Joanna Bolick said...

Seriously, ONE tomorrow???? I read the whole thing and enjoyed it all but then you dropped that bomb at the end and I can't believe she's going to be ONE! Happy birthday, sweet Ruby!!!!

Jen said...

What a great first entry I have gotten to read on your blog :) I like your writing style, and I am glad you got the message to BE who you BE from the conference. Its empowering and encouraging, isnt it? Great to meet you at typea!!

Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

Yes, that was the same message I got. While it was a whirlwind to meet everyone and try to connect, ultimately we are all individuals doing our own thing our own way and that is to be celebrated.

Well said, Robin! I loved reading your post and will be back for more rambling. :)

crazytalk05 said...

happy birthday RUBY and happy birthday MOM. what a wonderful thing to celebrate!

hope the day turns out great...but then, of course, you won't have a funny story to tell us all!

Anonymous said...

rock on Robin!! You always make me laugh!! You have always been who you be, it's one of the things that draws people to you. Christa

MJG said...

Well first, let me say that I'm biased, because I love YOU, but I love your blog. It's so YOU. It's not easy to put that into words, but you know what I mean. Especially now being far away, it's fabulous to hear about your daily life. You better keep it up or I''ll be so sad. I feel like this sounds like I'm signing your yearbook.
In that case, LYLAS and HAGS.

John and Nicole said...

I want to be who I be!

Our life.... said...

Girl, you make me laugh AND cry - what other blog out there can do that!?!? Keep blogging - alot - I like to laugh alot ;)You be the Robin we all know and love and keep showing us sweet pictures of your toddlin' lil' girl ;) How does that first year go so dang fast??
joy (marschall) morgan

Anonymous said...

i love you. and your awesome blog. and your words. you are gifted, robin. thanks for sharing yourself with us. we need you, your thoughts, your words. i do! youre the best! i miss you! lets talk soon?
amy holloway


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