September 4, 2009

sweet nothings

you know, my darling husband isn't one to be overly generous with compliments. it's not every day that I hear how fantastically beautiful he thinks I am- which thank the good LORD he thinks so (i know he's genuine about it because the dude is a terrible liar & can't fake anything. He can't even fake smile for a picture).

but a couple days ago, while he had a weedeater in hand, this is what he said to me in his most countrified accent,

"This is what you to do me, baby."

& he proceeds to turn on the weedeater & rev it up.

you just can't get that kind of man lovin' anywhere.
Zack Plemmons, one of a kind.
such a stud.


kyle said...

i think he meant u make him so mad he wants to weedeat your face,

Anonymous said...

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