September 28, 2009

sneak preview!

Hi! I'm back! The conference was totally overwhelming & actually, really inspiring. I usually don't like using words like "inspiring" cause it sounds so cliche (God forbid!) but it was. I learned quite a bit about social media networking & am still researching the nitty gritty-ness (not a word) of being an effective communicator. I feel compelled to get myself out there! I do have a lot more to say about it but right now I'm not going to be able to concentrate on anything if I don't wash this glass of curdled milk (mmm!), dust bust the crushed multi grain Cheerios off the floor, clean the funk off my body, finish writing out all 300+ name tags for the Young Life Banquet tonight & ship that package to Melanie. That's just the beginning of my list- i know you know how I feel... that damn list.

oh, & look! it's me! at the conference! (that arm fat looks really good doesn't it?)

thanks again to everybody who helped make this happen.

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crazytalk05 said...

excellent...hey, check out these two sites... one is my brother (a pastor who has a great congregation outside his church in the land of social networking and the other one is someone he connected with who is a social networking god.

Jon - my brother

Chris - his blogging mentor


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