September 17, 2009

my B.

um, how much do I love Beyonce? She's so fierce. She's so Sasha Fierce!

Although we've seen a lot of her crotchal region recently (hello Single Ladies leotard).... We don't really need to see all that.

BUT you DO need to see this video of this dude's version of her seriously hip-movin' single, "Lost Yo Mind":

you also need to see the softer side of B. (That's what I call her. We're close. We talk about Jay Z peeing on the toilet seat & her beef with that jackass Kanye & stuff). She sang this on the Ellen show & I'm just going to admit it, I cried. I tend to do that. I cry when people sing something I feel is totally genuine. I also cry when people dance in large groups in unison. Like flash mobs. I get so excited about it. I can feel the energy & wanna get up & dance with them. I feel the same way when I watch cheerleaders.

Here's "Flaws and All".... wait for the end.


BCSM said...

i knew there was a reason i liked you. but i'm sure b told you already. we were hanging just last night.

leslie ruth said...

You are seriously blessing me with all the video action.

elizabeth said...

i saw her sing this on Ellen and literally sobbed. I then proceded to download the video off YouTube and show everyone that I could find...just ask Whopper. It's an amazing song. I feel like she wrote it for me. I've always laughed (or rolled my eyes) when other people said that, but I feel that way about that song.

P.S. I got serious goose bumps when the Black Eye Peas did that flash mob on Oprah.


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