September 9, 2009

the latest on Rubes

is this just the sweetest little sleeping baby face you've ever seen or what?
I really do love this picture but it came with a price.
I was "checking" on her (sneaking in her room just to stare at her & yes, I still want to make sure she's breathing) during her morning nap & wanted to take a picture of this angelic being. So i snuck back out to get my camera & got the shot- which made a freaking beeping noise- & immediately she woke up. I made a mad dash for the door but it was too late. She was mad & wide awake after being asleep for only 30 minutes. Way to go, Mom! Great job! I should've gotten one of those video monitors. . .

in other news:
- She has 2 words now! Dada & Dolly (which sounds like Dah-yee). She'll say it & then clap for herself.
-The toothless wonder finally has a one popping up through the bottom! 11 months old & just now getting her 1st pearly white.
- She's walking, with help from a scooting toy with wheels. Soon & very soon she'll be toddling along. That's crazy.
-Ruby has discovered the joys of Elmo. The Dowdens recently gave us 43 (!) DVDs of Blues Clues, Sesame Street & Elmo's World. That red furry monster comes on the screen & she is riveted & grinning from ear to ear.
-Her favorite food right now is cooked carrots. I actually hate cooked carrots but I'm really wanting her to try every food regardless of my own likes & dislikes. Not that we are picky eaters AT ALL. Maybe I just had too many growing up... along with Tuna Noodle Casserole.
- She dances along to the theme song from Cops. Adorable. Hopefully not foreshadowing.
- I found a whole turd on her changing table the other day. Don't ask me how it got there. It must've rolled out of her early morning diaper change. That was fun.
- Getting her to laugh is my favorite thing to do these days. This generally means making a complete fool of myself playing peek-a-boo & dancing around like an idiot. But what's new?

she is so cute & fun right now. I can't stop kissing her. What a joy to have a daughter.

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