September 21, 2009

"It Takes A Village" or "I Ain't Too Proud To Beg"

ok, so Zack came home today & proceeded to tell me about this conference that he heard about on the radio:


It's a conference about how to be a mommy blogger that actually makes money from her blog. Which is something I am extra extra interested in!

and i quote:
"Type-A Mom Conference is a unique mom blogging conference designed to help you take it to the next level. The conference will feature some of the most influential, admired and insightful mom bloggers talking about topics like power social networking, branding, blogging, finding your voice, and turning your passion for blogging into a real paycheck."

It's being held here in Asheville this weekend & I desperately want to go. Not only could I be semi-employed with ad sales (which would be SO helpful these days) but I could also learn how to effectively promote my etsy site!

The catch is- it costs $200. Of which we just don't have right now to spend on unexpected, frivolous things that are out of our budget. So I'm asking you, my family, my friends, my cohorts, my lovers(?), my random secret followers to make an righteous investment into my future!

If you do so, certainly you will be securing a place for you in heaven. Ok, maybe not, I'm not in charge of that department but you will definitely be asking for some good karma OR if you're into bartering, I'll french ya for a dollar. Enticing, no? Ok, maybe not so much.

But seriously, it would bless me more than you know to help me out. And I'm not one to get excited about having to ask for handouts. None of us are. We've all "been there", right? But I feel like I have so much to say & show - I mean, I wish I could blog every day. I love it. I think it's so fun & I'm under the impression that what I say isn't straight up boring, right? And I also think it would lead to tons of other opportunities for me- like writing a children's book or say, becoming the next Mary Engelbreit or something.... I'm dreaming big here people.

So, if you so desire, or if you are lead to do so, I would be so ecstatic if you could donate something to this "worthy" cause. Even 5 bucks helps. If I get any extra (which would be AHHMAZING) I could use it to go towards a better web design & things like that.

I've set up a paypal account so you can just click on the button & it's self explanatory from there. Or you can do it old school & send me a check via snail mail.

I really really really really appreciate it.

(P.S. You don't even have to have a paypal account!)


crazytalk05 said... I've been appreciating you from xanga days (connected from Amy Fitzpatrick) and I think you're amazingly talented and hysterically funny and while I'd be breaking the 10th commandment when you actually do get to be the next Mary Engelbreit, I don't have the talent to get there and you do...soooooooo I've sent you some cash for your class...if you don't get enough to go to it, then use it to make Ruby something purty...and buy you and Zack some sort of treat to celebrate your awesome marriage. ENJOY and best wishes!

deb@birdonawire said...

I can appreciate your wanting to go to a blogging conference. I can appreciate that its expensive. I can also suggest that you join our group, the sign up is at my blog. I own a publicity and pr firm and I help mom bloggers do just what you're asking. But there are ways, to do this without begging! honest.

Rebecca said...

Good Luck!! I think you could be way better than Mary Engelbreit, I love your Etsy shop! I also love your blog - it gets me through many days in the cubicle!

P.S. I'm Amy Holloway's roommate if you don't remember meeting me. :)

StacieinAtlanta said...

Holy crap! You got here quickly. From hearing about it on the 21st? Nice.


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