September 1, 2009

gimme dat bucket bike.

OH MY GOSH. Have you seen this bicycle? I'm totally coveting it. There's even a seat inside the bucket with seat belts so you can tote people and/or your stuff around. I LOVE toting people and stuff! I can see it now.... Zack & Ruby wearing JCrew & Crewcuts, riding in the back, holding a baguette, a freshly picked bouquet of tulips & some, I don't know, cheese or something. I would also like a sweet, charming little bike bell & a basket on the front solely for holding my biking accessories like the perfect pair of metallic flats or super cute chunky vintage-y necklace (which apparently is essential in riding one of these beauties- see pic).

by the way, if you are drooling over these wheels like I am, click on the site & register to win one! they're having a give-away every Wednesday. (that's a free $1,200 bike complete with cool points).

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

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