August 24, 2009

sniff sniff

Science fair projects- my how the times have changed.

my guess is that his parents didn't offer to help with this one.
i wonder what his hypothesis was?
& his "conclusion" is probably pretty biased.


Blair said...

i really like the girl's face in the background. she's all, "omg, his project is so rediculous. why am i not getting more face-time?!?"

BCSM said...

she's behind his butt....

Variable A.
How does my fart smell in a large building with Science Fair projects?

I am sitting here laughing to the point of tears. I'm glad I have a pad on.

btw-did he fart in the jars on the table and save them?

Courtney said...

This is just weird.. who would do something like this! yuck! I don't care to smell my own.. why would I want to put my face in the jar of someone elses farts!

Robin I do have a question for you though.. how did you change your comments to komments??

Revolu said...



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