August 6, 2009

look what the cat drug in. . .

well hello there. . . Robin circa 1992?
my darling brother posted this to facebook recently. isn't he so sweet to me? what a doll.
Yes, this is a Glamour Shot. Yes, I am like, 14 years old - wearing a leather jacket with "Ho" hair & heavy eyeliner & a hubcap for an earring. I'm especially loving that big gap between my teeth where they had to use spacers before the strapped the metal to my teeth. It's cute, right? Actually the other pictures i had taken (which i would kill for!) were stolen out of my black Jansport bookbag (the one with the tan leather bottom) by some rednecks at school. One of them was nick named Puddin'. "Puddin'" used to tell me about how he would put peaches in jars of moonshine & eat them & get real stupid-like. I do believe in the other pictures, I was wearing a stone washed denim, bedazzled bustier. Nice! Feel free to copy & paste & use this as your new background and/or screen saver.


Cara said...

I don't remember you taking these pictures. Is this the pic you gave Joe to keep in his wallet? :)

Courtney said...

I love it! I wanted to do a Glamour shot so bad and my mom wouldn't let me! jealous!! = )


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