August 5, 2009

the last hoorah

k, so we had a party. aaaaaand it's probably going to be the last major blow out we'll throw. because honestly, we crashed into bed at 3 am, looked at each other & almost said in unison, "We're too old for this shit." And then Ruby woke up.

but it was my "birthday" party & I am turning 31. . . & last year when i hit the big 3-0, I was large, with-child, moving, sweaty, & cranky. So i had an excuse, even though I am still currently large, sweaty & occasionally cranky.
these 2 showed up at my doorstep - & pretty much stayed in this exact same position all weekend.
Beth reserved her birthday spankings for Mr.Maslin. He liked it.
best party food ever. cereal & milk. lots of it. cheap & easy.
these 2 women above & below, make me smile until my face hurts.

it was a good time. but i really felt like i had rewinded 10 years.
the aftermath was a sight to behold. cans, bottles, knocked over chairs littered our front yard. i was all, "what is this? a frat party?" While everyone was settling in for the night on every conceivable surface & in their cars & in the yard (not kidding)- Zack & I quickly picked up the mess while it was raining.
from now on, i think we might stick to small, intimate gatherings & leave out the 70-something jello shots (that had disappeared by 11:00).

this guy right here was "the Wine Guy"- dude is a wine & beer distributor, brought his fancy wine bag thingy, ready to impress everyone with all of his wine info. He ended up drinking 2 bottles by himself, loosing his cookies in the driveway, making a fool of himself, passing out in the side yard, snoring, in the RAIN. Zack felt bad for the guy & put a tarp over him. It was quite entertaining (& sad).

happy 31st to me?!


leslie ruth said...

That, my friend, is all kinds of awesome. Happy Birthday!!

robinmehler said...

zack filled me in on what i missed as well... in front of my dad and jason's parents. it was as entertaining and uncomfortable as you might imagine! why do i still feel like a 16 yr. in front of my dad when the word "drunk" comes up? :) sorry i missed the hooplah! not sure i could have hung though. i'm way too old for such shit as well. i've got a whole YEAR on you. i'm almost ready for my own powerchair.


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