July 8, 2009

what a handful.

i had one of those weekends where i took so many pictures & had so many things going on- that I don't even want to attempt to cover it all. So i won't.

here's Ruby showing off her standing skills. Impressive, isn't she? Before too long, she will be walking & consequently scaring the crap out her mother. But I love her to pieces. She is our little butternut chunk o' love who smiles & laughs so easily. Has discovered the joys of cheerios. And has the most gigantic solid food poopies ever.
The Hewsons came to town- which automatically means a guaranteed good time. The weather couldn't have been better. I mean Asheville really delivered. (It also helped build the case for them to maybe eventually move up here). Dad & Ellen invited us to their friend's condo (who is affectionately nick-named Effing Joe) on top of Town Mountain to grill out & swim.

here's Ellen with Rubes. We love Ellen. And not just because she loves to babysit so we can go out & act like fools for the evening (which she encourages).

here's Dad with his beloved grandbabies. It's cute to see them together. Ellen & Dad even got slobbery open mouthed cheek kisses from Ruby.
We got home, put the babies to bed & played our favorite game Apples to Apples. I decided, in my infinite wisdom (?), to change the "create your own" cards to "my vagina"- which took it to a whole new amusement level. I realize this is somewhat crude but I can't help it. anyways- it was HILARIOUS. Especially when Kyle threw down my own personal trump card: creamed corn. It was AMAZING. If you haven't played this game, you're missing out.

Another fun night: The Wild/Kennedy Wedding! Look at that bride smile! If her grin got any bigger I swear, her face would've split at the sides. It was such a sweet wedding for this sweet couple.
i even got to wear my $5 dress from Ross & spend time with my studly man friend. i love my studly man friend.
Another good thing about Kyle, Kelly & Kate coming to town is that we get to eat at all our most favoritest restaurants. In one day, I had Sunny Point for breakfast & Doc Chey's for lunch. We also tried Picnic's on Merrimon- which I actually had never been to & let me tell you- I have lived in this town for almost 8 years & no one has told me about it!!!! Kyle described it as "Lizards Thicket on crack." I'm talking the most delicious roasted chicken, mac n cheese, & green beans with bacon, sweet/moist cornbread, sweet potato biscuits, cucumber salad & homemade cherry pie. Seriously. Mouth watering good. Every bite we would look at each other in disbelief. Go today. You won't be disappointed.
Kate & Ruby got to spend some quality time together. It was generally adorable to watch them "play." Kate pretty much treated Ruby like her own personal baby doll. Feeding her, kissing her, pushing her around.
So, the 4th rolled around & we were invited to 4 parties but we decided to just stay home because the girls hadn't slept well & they needed to get to bed at a decent hour. Oh the sacrifices of parenthood. The one year we live a block away from Main St. & the festivities are cancelled!! I always seem to end up at this house for the 4th anyways. It just seemed right. There was no way they were going to stay up for any fireworks. We settled for watching the glorious lightning bug display in the backyard & listening to Alan's (of Alan's Pawn Shop) roaring party right across the street. We didn't know if they were going to go ahead with the annual festivities or not because they are renovating & adding on to their already huge house but then we saw the big white tent go up, the BBQ smoker be delivered & the 3 porta potties parked on their property & the Bluegrass music start. It was quite the occasion. I was kinda upset that we weren't invited.

We were observing from a distance in the side yard when I saw this elderly lady walk toward us from next door. And right behind her was an elderly man vigorously scooting on a Hoverround. Finally, I got to meet our neighbors- Roy (who is 101 yrs old & most certainly looks that old) & his wife Janice. They had just gotten back from the party & told me that "all the neighbors got an invitation in their mailbox so that they wouldn't complain about the noise." And I said, "Well, we didn't get an invitation so I guess that means we can complain." They thought that was really funny. So we talk & talk & Kelly & Kyle make an excuse to "go inside because they were getting bit by mosquitoes." So there I was hanging out with the cool kids. They decide to go back to the party. Roy puts his scooter in reverse- but it starts to roll forward down the small hill into our drive way & I freak out & attempt to push it back up & so does Janice- who is yelling at Roy & then she starts to stumble herself! I've got one hand pushing the scooter & one hand steadying Janice. I am a geriatric superhero! Later on, I witnessed another almost near-death situation where Roy was once again speeding down the road- leaving Janice in his dandruff dust & came this close to getting Tboned by a minivan. Thank God he was coherent enough to slam on the brakes & avoid a horrific collision in our front yard. But he did drop his cane & then try to bend his skeletal (not kidding) 101 yr old body over to pick it up off the ground. So, here I go again, sprinting across the yard to help the old guy. I swear. Where is my dang award?


Leigh Bucklad said...

I love you! Sad I didn't see you on the 4th...but looks like you had some fun things going on. can't wait to see you again...soon please:)


Cara said...

Robinhood- you are Effing hilarious!! I love yOu!!

John and Nicole said...

Robin. You are a very entertaining bloggger. I went through a period of being addicted to Arrested Development. Also, you and Zach and Ruby still need to come to H'ville for a dinner. And we have Apples to Apples (got it as a gift) but we've never played it. You seem like an expert so you can teach us. Much love sister.

Revolu said...

dude so frickin hilarious. we miss that house i gotta tell you. nothing beats those lighting bugs in the back. the best fireworks indeed. im so glad you guys are there + ole Roy too.


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