July 12, 2009

round & round we go

I was watching Rick Steve tour through Spain on PBS. (I love travel shows & antique road show & living vicariously through these lucky people with kick ass jobs). I spotted this delightful, old carousel & immediately googled it & found these images. I think it's a traveling carousel & there is more than one. Does anyone know?

doesn't it look like so much fun?
how enchanting.

i think i would have a hard time deciding which "vehicle" to ride. Loving the pretty staircase leading up to the airplane. Gorgeous.

& i found this:

1 comment:

MJG said...

When I lived in St-Tropez there were 2 carousels in town, but neither of them were that cool. One of them had horses with plumes on their heads, except the plumes were those bright, tricolored feather dusters you buy at Roses and never really work. There was also one close to where I lived in Milan but it was all princessy and lame.
So in other words, that's the coolest carousel in Europe. And probably the world.


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