June 10, 2009

scootching along

i've been nastily under the weather recently. not fun. especially not fun when you're sick & your baby's sick. i'll spare you the snotty details. 
Let's see... what's going on... well, Baby Kate celebrated her 2nd birthday! We went down to Columbia to participate in the festivities. Which basically involved adults standing around drinking, reminiscing about her birth, making fun of Kelly, eating the most delicious pork tenderloin & looking at kids playing with toys. What's not to love? Kate loved her many many presents & loved her Elmo cupcakes. She is so cute & talking up a storm. Her Mimi (Kyle's mom) bought her a play kitchen & naturally assumed it was assembled in the box. Not so much. So Dad & Ellen tackled the thing. And then later there was more drinking & we played Apples to Apples. Always a good time. Here's evidence. 

Grandaddy assembling
Kate patiently waiting to play with it.

what else?

oh, Ruby is 8 months old now! That's just ridiculous. Her little life is flying by. She's getting around quite a bit. Mastering the army crawl or rolling to her desired location. She's sitting up like a champ & i even caught her attempting to pull up in her crib. She succeeded a couple times. What a crazy baby. We have a lot of fun with her. Of course. Speaking of, there she is, stirring from her nap...

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