June 23, 2009

oooo. ahhhh.

i love design blogs. i could scour the web all day looking at pretty things. i could look all day on etsy.com. i could spend hours pouring over back issues of domino magazine. (I'm still really sad about not getting that in the mail every month). I really like nurseries that aren't picture perfect or theme-y but that are sort of thrown together with lots of personal touches & eclectic thrift store/yard sale finds. I had so much fun putting together Ruby's nursery- gathering some of my favorite little objects & pillows & things from my grandmother's house. I tried not to spend any money but instead I repurposed things & received hand me downs from friends &  it all came together. Working with an extremely limited budget forces you to be creative. I guess it would've been appropriate to post pictures of her nursery right here but these are images that I have saved & take a look at for inspiration when I'm painting.

love the "gallery wall" look. i have one over our couch in our living room.

really like the unexpected color combination & this mobile is so cute. i'm attempting to make one similar to it. we'll see how that goes... 
i'm always drawn to light blue. it just feels airy & fresh. i love all the natural light in this room. our bedroom is similar to this color (nice choice Brent & Jessie).
this photo reminds me of Jane's family lake spot. they have a bottle opener similar to this that catches all the caps.
i have been wanting to do this for awhile. taking pieces of fabric & "framing" them in quilting circles. (ok, i don't really know what those round things are called but you know what I mean).
happy confetti-like flags will brighten up anyone's backyard.
i like to laugh at myself.
i love umbrellas. found this painting on etsy.
look! there is a clothing line from the U.K. called Ruby Belle. cute!
isn't this typewriter cool? the color is amazing. i would love to own this. too bad I don't have an extra $350 to spend on an antique typewriter that i would just look at & think about how pretty it is.

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