June 3, 2009

Baby's 1st Ailment! Where's the picture frame for that?

well, it's happened. Ruby's freakin sick. Thanks a lot dumb, stupid bacteria that's makin' my baby cry. Pink eye & a snotty virus. Not fun. Not fun at all. She is absolutely pitiful. I don't like it. 

she won't let me put her down which is unfortunate when I actually need to do something that requires 2 hands BUT I have to admit, I'm loving all the cuddling. 

hopefully it won't last long... poor widdle thang.


BCSM said...

sweet ruby;(
what a sad picture!
this is her first ailment?
7-8 months is a good stretch, but it still sucks!
hope she feels better!

Miriam said...

That is the most pitiful picture I have ever seen. Poor little Rubes.
Love you Robin. A lot. miss you. I am taking kids to camp today. Remember when we did that one time? That was the beginning of a great friendship.


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