June 17, 2009

911. What's your emergency?

Sooo, we had some excitement last night! Our lights started flickering in the middle of a thunderstorm so I looked outside to check the power lines & sure enough, there were some serious sparks coming from the lines hitting the big tree out front. My heart started pumping & my mind started racing. And then I got really excited because I realized that I could finally call 911 for the 1st time! I mean, I'm grateful it's not over something tragic (God forbid) but I have always wanted to make a call. Is that weird? I've always thought I would make a good 911 operator. The actual call wasn't all that exciting though. It didn't take long for the Weaverville fire department to make it here except they didn't come to the house, they stopped at the top of the street to block it & a cop was at the other end blocking that way in. 

The video above is mostly darkness, sprinkled with electricity, the dumb dog next door that barks incessantly, my brilliant narrative, & then... wait for it, wait for it... the miniature donkeys across the street respond to all the racket around 1 minute, 44 seconds. 

I stopped the video then, made sure I still had a bra on & bravely walked outside, under the sparks (probably not my brightest idea) to guide them towards the problem. Cause they needed me, of course. Did I mention that Zack wasn't home? I called him & he made his way back but they wouldn't let him through until they cut the power, an hour later. He was real happy about that. His babies were in danger & he couldn't get to us. When they cut the power, all i saw was a lone lightning bug that had somehow made it inside the house. Thankfully, Ruby slept through the whole thing, even after they cut the power & her white noise & fan cut off. Even through all the power trucks beeping & all the men yelling "HAND ME THAT TOOL, LEROY!"  

in other exciting Weaverville news! The new WAL-MART opened! Wooo boy! Anybody wanna come people watch with me? You know there's gonna be all kinds of folks coming out of the sticks to come buy plastic crap. 

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there are so many things i love about this story


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