May 23, 2009

ruby discovers the joys of jumping

this is the first time she has laughed all by herself, without prompting from anyone else. our cheeks were aching from smiling & laughing at her.

(johnny jump up courtesy of the Children's Trading Post- $10 well spent).


Miriam said...

LOVE when they laugh. That is the most precious sound Robin. You have a sweet one for sure. I wish her and Grayson could be BFF. I mean they will always be kindred spirits because of us, but wish they could beat up on each other some more :)
Love you so much and love posting comments on each others blog's. A little feedback always makes it worthwhile right?
Oh, and thanks for introducing me to shabby blogs...LOVE my new background.

Hannah said...

Hey girlie!! Madison loved her johnny jumper....She would stay in there for ever!! I love your blog...I am so in Kinder-blog world right now..I might hit you up for a little help if I can...

BCSM said...

johnny jumpers are the BEST. we got ours from a mom of a student i taught. it looks like a 1970's model ( i don't think they sell them anymore? )! Marley Ruth loved it and now Farrah is rocking it out (no bumpers though:0...oops).


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