May 10, 2009

Notes from Ben's graduation day!

-appropriately overheard at the 2009 Clemson University graduation ceremony : dirt, soil, corn, greens, farmland (and my personal favorite), boll weevil.

-someone's last name was Chalupa.

-due to no private areas in a sports arena, i was forced to nurse Ruby in a bathroom stall. twice.

- during the "let's take a moment of silence to honor the young man who died this year" - Ruby started crying. loudly. awesome. Sorry family of the young man! I will put her in time out as soon as she understands what it is.

- received a text from Ben the graduate during the speeches, "I'm a little hungover." The celebration started the night before with his friends & their sweet graduation present, Jagermeister. Way to go, Ben!

- paid a visit to Ben's apartment which contained 2 beat up couches, a large tv, not one clean pair of underwear, a pack of peanut butter m&ms, stained carpet, stained walls & a crater in the ceiling where "Mitchell hit his head."

- the video below is of the momentous moment where my little bro (complete with honors sash that he dropped somewhere & then later found) walked across the stage to receive his diploma. Keep in mind i had a child in my lap who was grabbing at my earrings & glasses the whole time i was trying to film. Hence the shaking. Babies are so inconsiderate.

-Needless to say, but I'm gonna anyways- Benjamin Thomas Sterrett, i speak as a whole from your family- we are very very very very very very very very VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY proud of you & your accomplishments! You are not only a smart boy, you are a good man & you have a bright future in front of you. We love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. 

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