May 22, 2009

Dear Ruby,

I've been inspired by two people: Nicole Richie (yea, i know) & Susan Raulerson (Beth's sister). Both who have been known to keep a daily journal of their children. (well, Susan did this for the kids that she nanny-ed for & I'm just assuming that she's doing it for her new cutie twin babies, Ethan & Nia).

I've been wanting to do it for Ruby & have started it within the last month because I found a cute journal at Target. imagine that. And i leave it on the coffee table in front of me so I don't forget about it. 

I'll jot down things that she has done or things that i need to remember to tell her all about. I love doing it & I hope she'll cherish it when she gets older.


Omi said...

Adorable-love this idea!

MJG said...

When the twins were little, we kept a notebook of feedings, poop, naps, etc. We found it yesterday, which, incidentally was their 4th birthday, and had the greatest time reading it. I'm sure Ruby (and you!) will love looking back and reading your journal!

Rebecca said...

That is an unbelievably cute journal. Way to go, Target!

Juicy said...

My sister does the with Hayden and the family writes in it whenever we visit. It's very fun. I most recently did it about how I like that he's singing Mary Had a Little Lamb over and over.

Courtney said...

This is such a sweet idea.. I love the book.. it's so beautiful.. and I'm sure she will cherrish it!!

Gina said...

Such a great idea. I've written B a few letters and pasted them in her baby book. A journal would be so much better...but I'm afraid I wouldn't keep up with it!


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