May 4, 2009


as of tomorrow, little miss Ruby will be 7 months old. 

i must say, the first 3 were a little rough. people tell you that it will be -but until you are there, dropping tears on your screaming baby at 4 am, you don't have any idea.

but today is a new day & she has grown tremendously into this happy, roly poly little baby girl. 
she's sitting up (& falling over after awhile)!
she's eating solid food (& pooping solid poop)!
she's getting into crawling position (but not really moving anywhere)!
she's drinking out of a sippie cup (but getting most of it on her clothes)!

she loves music, loves for you to sing to her, loves being outside, loves to pat everything especially books, loves gumming everything she can get her drooling mouth on, loves grabbing my glasses, hair & earrings, loves sweet potatoes, loves staring at the world go by in the car, loves pull on her daddy's beard, loves her paci & blankie.

it's so fun watching her grow & discover & develop her personality.
she is our little sugar lump & i can't imagine loving her any more!

here's a little video for your viewing pleasure. 


Beth Maslin said...

Yay for 7 months! I am glad that it just keeps getting better. Love you!

Kerri Roberts said...

you MUST frame the top photo!


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