April 22, 2009

so good you'll slap yo mama

i just made this chicken salad recipe from ThePioneerWoman.com
actually i made it last week too. it's so dang good.
i highly recommend you try it. here's the link to the recipe: click here
(by the way, i used a rotisserie chicken instead of cooking my own. a lot less energy- which I'm all about)

The Pionner Woman is also giving away Kitchen Aid mixers! Go enter! If I won I would totally choose the apple green one. No the yellow. No def. the green one.

1 comment:

lesliesloan said...

I made the same one last week and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Even Matt liked it and he ain't no cowgirl.

She's my secret best friend. I mean you are. But she's my fantasy blog best friend


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