April 4, 2009

my red dot for today

internally, things are a little raw right now for me. maybe it's my hormones. or maybe it's because I have been reading the bible more than usual. or maybe it's because there is so much life on edge going on. or maybe it's because i watched "The Secret Life of Bees" last night & I cried like a baby.
or maybe it's all of the above.

is this what being a mother does to a person? always worrying, always checking, waiting for something bad to happen? is this how i will live? or will my fear dissipate with time? 
it's this constant feeling of protection. is this my motherly instinct? 
my heart bursts with love for my daughter. i don't know what i would do if i lost her. 
these are all normal thoughts, I'm sure. 
it's a little overwhelming to have a child, to say the least. it's such a vulnerable place to be, in love. 
speaking of love, Leigh Bucklad's mother suffered a brain aneurysm and could use some prayer, if you do that kind of thing. We love you, Team Bucklad! Our hearts are with you.

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