April 15, 2009

little sack of sugar, i could eat you up.

Just discovered Elizabeth Mitchell, the children's musician. Love her sweet, soft, simple voice & darling lyrics. She seems like the kind of girl that picks blueberries in her bare feet & eyelet apron & makes a pie from scratch while a yellow canary chirps at her window. Wholesome, natural, innocent, smiley. You know what I mean. All the things that i wish i was. Just picture me (loud, obnoxious, inappropriate) and then visualize the opposite. I want all of her albums for Ruby. You can listen to them on her website - my favorite song yet is "Little Sack of Sugar" on the You are my Flower record. (Click on flower, and then click on listen- you'll find it there). This song is just too too precious. It makes me want to listen to it over & over so I can write down the lyrics & then learn them until I know every word by heart so I can sing it to my baby. Kind of like, the time my 15 year old self  listened to LL Cool J's song, "Doin' It" over & over & over so i could learn all the awful/awesome words-- except I won't be sharing that with Rubes anytime soon, or... say, ever. 

here she is with the super duper cute Lisa Loeb singing "Catch the Moon"

& here is her sweet as pie version of "You Are My Sunshine"

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