April 23, 2009

honey, is that what you did all day? yes. yes it is.

i came across this site right herrr & had a virtual HAY DAY. 
(by the way, what does hay day mean? where does that phrase come from? anybody? anybody? Spooner? Bueller?) 

here's a sampling & some newbies of my fanciwork. i laughed at myself all day (well, in between my daily routine of feeding Ruby boob milk, feeding Ruby creamed squash, facebooking, twittering, thinking about blogging, reading blogs, thinking about eating chocolate, eating chocolate, watching The Price is Right, playing peek-a-boo with Ruby, wiping the baby poop off Ruby's baby booty... you know, the usual).

oh, so much fun.


Amy Holloway said...

i love these pictures! so funny! i love that this is what you did all day, too!!!

Gina said...

teehee :)

Revolu said...




Kyle said...

heyday, not hay day. Is defined as the period of penultimate vigor or sometimes alternately greatest achievement. Etymology possibly from the 16th century c.e. middle english origins. Sh#t girl, you knows I gots this.


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