April 27, 2009

cry babies

yesterday as I was driving to meet the wonderful Katie Jo for breakfast at Sunny Point, I was listening to Patty Griffin sing "Moon River" & Ruby was in the back, playing with her toes, when I heard a little whimper. I looked back in the mirror & saw her frowning & starting to cry. It wasn't your typical cry either. Mamas know their baby's cries. It was like a i'm-so-sad-right-now cry. Patty was making her sad! Isn't that crazy? This wasn't the first time it has happened though. Leslie posted Patty's song, "You'll Remember" on her blog & she responded the same way when I played the video. She listened intently & then got the saddest, sweetest expression on her face & cried! She is sensitive to music already!
She comes by it honestly though. Zack & I both have a tendency to blubber over tunes. Especially worship music. In fact, just today I put my ipod on shuffle & came across a song that I hadn't heard in awhile & totally boohooed coming home from yet another trip to Target. Gospel music takes me to another place. And Kirk Franklin might be a small man with a big ego. And this might be just a tad cheesy- but i can't help but love it.


robin said...

by the way, the song is "My Life, My Love, My All."

Rebecca said...

That is precious and sweet and cool, seeing that personality trait come out in Ruby. Love it. Patty Griffin does make me sad in a raw, almost-happy kind of way.

Also, I am SO JEALOUS that you and Katie Jo were at my favorite breakfast restaurant in my favorite city. Without me. Boo. (But I'm glad you got to be with Katie Jo!)


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